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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 18, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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neighbors' who ended up losing everything. tonight they are grateful to the firefighters because their house is still standing and they stayed behind to give them a hand. what were you lose using? >> three-quarter-inch garden hose. >> it got to here right to the edge. >> reporter: wade has a similar story. he says firefighters lined up and formed a wall to save his home. >> very grateful that we got a good fire department and they were here and helped aged story for the people who didn't turn out as well. >> reporter: while a number of homes have been destroyed, fire officials say they were able to protect and save more than 4,000 homes. at this point, evacuated residents are asked to stay out of the area. they are told they could return home possibly saturday afternoon. in reno, koula gianulias, cbs 5. >> one firefighter is injured, suffering first- and second- degree burns. occasional snowfall is helping to put out the fire. those streets of oakland resembled a demolition derby
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today when a parolee tried to outrun police. this started just after noon when officers tried to stop the suspect's car near grand avenue and macarthur boulevard. that's when they say that he took off and police chased him. what followed were two collisions then a carjacking. not clear exactly what happened but the red suv there slammed into the lamppost. the parolee was then arrested. along the route of the chase at least two people were taken away on stretchers. we don't know their conditions yet. an army national guard member from the south bay has been killed in afghanistan. specialist sean walsh of san jose died wednesday from what the department of defense called indirect fire. in a memorial posted online, fellow soldiers said walsh was on patrol when he was hit. specialist walsh was 21 years old. tributes are pouring in tonight for murdered vallejo police officer james capoot. he was one of just 6 officers patrolling the city of 116,000
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people when he was shot and killed yesterday. don knapp says some are questioning whether the city's financial problems contributed to his death. don. reporter: right. the line of duty death of officer jim capoot has shaken just about every corner of vallejo. and that's because we are learning he was as much involved in the community during his off hours as he was with policing when he was on duty. a mound of flowers, photos and tributes grows on an american flag outside the front door of vallejo's police station in memory to officer jim capoot. capoot was killed yesterday while chasing a bank robbery suspect. sergeant jeff bassett struggled for composure as he talked about the officer's death. >> well, we went through this not too long ago, 10 years ago, so, uhm....... >> reporter: he said capoot was mortally wounded with a bullet that did not go through his bulletproof invests. police say there is only one suspect and they have him in custody. >> the suspect has been -- is
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currently booked at the fairfield county jail. his name is henry albert smith. he is a 37-year-old male from fairfield california. >> reporter: late today members of vallejo high's women's basketball team marched to the police department to honor their coach, officer capoot. >> he has been a community member to vallejo high school as an officer so well respected and honored. >> reporter: vallejo lost 40 officers after the city declared bankruptcy in 2008. they were just six one-person patrols on the streets when the bank robbery went down. did reduced force contribute to a dangerous situation for capoot? >> the officers typically worked by them service on day shift before we had these staffing issues. there were officers involved in the pursuit just seconds behind him. they would have been even closer had they not got caught in traffic. >> we miss those officers and we really respect the ones that stayed. >> reporter: tow truck operator bob says more officers may have
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prevented killing. >> of that in officer capoot had more help and if as much as he helped everybody else, he would be i think it would be a lot different outcome. >> reporter: there's been a steady flow of wide diversity. it's one measure of how this police officer is missed. >> he said the bullet didn't go through the vest so i'm taking it, the vest didn't do any good? >> i think they were reluctant to say where he was hit. the bullet did not go through his chest. i think asuggests a much more vulnerable spot. >> thank you. "occupy" protestors have their sights set on a new place to set up camp and carry on with their message. only problem is, not everyone is excited that they are planning to move in. christin ayers shows us some neighborhoods even let the protestors know that they are
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not welcome. christin. >> reporter: elizabeth, we are right here at the scene of where they are planning to bring their next tent city. if you look over my shoulder, this is the vacant lot. look at that no trespassing sign just put up by the city. some neighbors are saying they won't stand for an occupation. >> my name is maxine holt. >> reporter: it was a press conference to announce another effort at occupying city property. >> we have called this press conference -- >> reporter: interrupted by a not in my backyard backlash. >> for tomorrow november 19. >> excuse me. we live here. this is not an appropriate place to have this happen. >> this is a public space. >> reporter: a public space that "occupy oakland" has targeted as the site for its next tent city. fox square adjacent to oakland's fox theatre on 19th and telegraph. the city-owned plot empty now but designated for revamp next spring. >> like anyone looking for a new home, location, location, location. >> reporter: "occupiers" see this location as the future of the movement but today the city posted no trespassing signs.
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residents of the ecofriendly urban condos surrounding the lot are deeply divided between supporting the movement -- >> i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: -- and just wanting it all to go away. >> all these people that are just going to messing the place up and tents, i don't look forward to it. >> reporter: officials at a nearby school worry children could get in the controversy. >> we have concerns with press conference, police action, the number of people here would be very disruptive for the school, yes. >> reporter: oakland police hovered just beyond the press conference and reportedly handed out eviction notices to a handful of "occupiers" camping in nearby snow park. "occupiers" say they will not be swayed and come saturday they say we'll be whoer to stay. >> we are trying to do this in peace and love but it will be discomforting for people no matter where we are, no question about that. >> reporter: it's unclear exactly what police plan to do to try and stop an occupation or if they will. the city has said that if protestors come here they will be told to leave. looking at the no trespassing signs here they also say it will be illegal for protestors to remove that fence or the
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sign itself. >> christin, thank you. she was born in the bay area, became a hollywood superstar. but now 30 years after her mysterious death, what a sailor says he heard that's reopened the natalie wood case. >> and even the terminator can get hurt. what happened to the former governor on the set of his new movie. ,,,,,,,,
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a construction worker in antioch was severely burned today after being blown into a power line. this happened along fourth street as that worker was in a cherrypicker several stories up. the fire crews say that a strong gust of wind came along and the lift made contact with the power line. he was burned on his face, chest and arms. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. cal-osha is investigating that. one of the last people to
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see actress natalie wood alive says he knew what went on in her final moments. he just didn't tell anyone until now three decades later. >> just didn't want my whole life to go by without having the truth come out. >> yacht captain dennis davern was there the night wood drowned while boating off catalina island in 1981. the bay area native's death was ruled an accident but davern has now come forward saying he heard wood fighting with husband robert wagner just before she vanished. detectives are now re-opening the case citing several new unnamed sources. >> people who have remembered things from back then or back then didn't talk to the police and now want to tell their story so already, people are coming forward and want to talk to us. >> investigators say wagner is not a suspect. "48 hours: mystery" will have more on the night natalie wood drowned tomorrow night at 10:00 here on cbs 5. arnold schwarzenegger was
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injured on the set of his newest movie. the former governor didn't say how, but look at the gash on his forehead. he tweeted this picture. he says that he resumed filming in new mexico an hour later. of course he did. this is schwarzenegger's first starring role since leaving office. black friday is still a week away but those with a passion for fashion are already lining up. how they hope to score designer fashions at discount prices. on what's said to be the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday season, the bay area airport dubbed the loneliest in the country. see that big old beautiful building standing right there? that's 4 embarcadero center and one of four buildings that will be lit up in holiday lights tonight as we owe figuresly kick off the holiday season. we'll have the rainy forecast as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,
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market. here's a little holiday gift. some new numbers showing improvement for the bay area job market. california's unemployment rate has dropped two-tenths of a percent to 11.2% for october and that's the third straight monthly decline. the news even better in the bay
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area. almost all counties saw a decrease in unemployment. there's big excitement among fashionistas in the bay area. h & m is about to launch their versace collection a global event at 300 stores worldwide. at the consumerwatch, julie watts is at union square where buyers are already lining up in the rain. >> reporter: i'm surprised you're not out here with them. i wouldn't put it past you coming out here later tonight. the line here is wrapped around the corner. folks have umbrellas and makeshift tents, almost everyone has garbage bags on them as attire. i'm here with casey one of the gals wearing garbage bags today what could possibly make you line up in the rain in the cold? what are you here to buy? >> this little babydoll dress, with rhinestones and a -- >> is it worth standing in the rain? >> it is. its my birthday present from my
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parents. so might as well do it right, right? >> reporter: so for those of you who are maybe not so fashion savvy, let me explain, versace is a high-end italian retailer usually retails for a couple of thousand dollars. now, much like target, they created a line with a more reasonable price point for h & m and this rollout actually started last week in new york. that's where they had a star- studded fashion show. followed by yesterday's frenzied international launch, fans in london camping out overnight. fights broke out as the doors open there yesterday morning. h & m stores in beijing and dubai sold out in under 30 minutes. even their website crashed. a fashion blogger explains why fashionistas in the u.s. are already lining up for the debut that doesn't actually hit our store shelves until tomorrow. >> you know, people want to have access to a brand they wouldn't ordinarily be able to purchase. they want to say i own a piece of versace and this allows them to do that.
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but i think there's also an element of competition in it, as well. it's not easy to get these pieces. they sell out very quickly and there are a lot of young, you know, very motivated fashion fans out there today. people are just trying to get a piece of this, you know, pop culture event. >> reporter: now, she equates it to getting a t-shirt from a sold-out concert but sanders says those fashion fans will no doubt be joined by entrepreneurs in line tonight as brokers on ebay are taking preorders citing a team of people already lined up to get you whatever you need for a price of course. now, some of the items that were purchased in europe yesterday are already on ebay. they are purchased for a couple hundred dollars and they are selling on ebay for over $500. but h & m does have a little damage control here. they have some rules in place so for those folks in line they are hoping to make a few bucks, you can only buy one size per
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item. everybody in line has said they are here buying stuff for themselves. >> of course. merry christmas to me. looks like fun. >> reporter: you want me to pick up something in. >> no. that's okay. >> get the right size. >> you have to be sure you get the right size or you're in big trouble. it's a collectible item. thank you. hey, well, lego is giving san francisco "star wars" fans a chance to get in touch with their "force." right now in union square, two lego master builders are building a super-sized yoda dressed as santa. now, when yoda is finished this weekend, it will be 12 feet tall, 10 feet wide. the public is invited to help come and build this statue. of course. it's legos. it's expected sunday, be finished it will. it all comes down on monday. tried to do my best yoda. >> very good. >> sorry.
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it's friday. we put roberta and julie out in the rain. what a perfect day. >> well, ro looks like she is having fun at the ice skating rink. hey, roberta. >> reporter: hi. i am at the ice skating rink. i'm outside at justin herman plaza at embarcadero center. we have people here -- look at these skaters from disney. whoo! i want to see that spin again and again. maybe he will do that for us. you think you can? can you do one more? watch this. they are warming up for the big show and he spins, not only once, but he is going twice and three times! we are live this evening. this is kick-starting all the festivities. i want to show you something. see this right here? this building right here is 4 embarcadero. this is just one of four buildings that will be lit up in 17,000 bright white christmas lights, yes, they are l.e.d., and we do this as the official kickoff to the holiday season right here in the bay area. it's another festive night here. it's the 25th annual celebration of the holiday lighting of the embarcadero center. cbs 5 has been out here for at
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least 15 years and every year, it rains. at least a little bit. let's check the high-def doppler radar and see where the precipitation is right now. we see a band that's extending from concord to the city of san francisco. and let's go ahead and zoom in on san francisco right now because see all that? that's where we are standing. that's light to moderate rainfall. currently with the light rainfall we have temperatures in the 50s from 56 degrees in concord to 52 in san francisco. 54 san jose. satellite-radar area of low pressure diving out of the gulf of alaska into northern california. look at all that snow that's now falling in the high sierra. chains are required. tahoe forecast all weekend at least a 20% chance of the continuation of snow showers and cold temperatures. futurecast, let's kick-start it now with ice-related scattered showers across the bay area. we go all the way to tomorrow morning, rise and shine and it's dry, mostly cloudy skies, a cool saturday. then look what happens overnight saturday night as we approach your sunday morning. computer now wants to bring the chance of rain showers back into the forecast. but as we venture through your
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sunday, during the day, mostly cloudy skies, cool conditions, 49er action at candlestick playing host to arizona. cloud cover, cool day, temperature in the 50s. tonight overnight right here, looks like overnight lows a cold night 30s and 40s with the colder air mass in place. tomorrow's daytime highs everybody's in the 50s. a raw day. the seven-day forecast, unsettled weather each day over the weekend with daily chances of rain showers. but mostly it will just be cloudy and cool and temperatures in the 50s. then comes monday. that will be the dry day until we set you back up with increasing cloud cover on tuesday. that will lead to mostly cloudy skies for that getaway wednesday. yes, the turkey will be moist on thursday. it will rain on thanksgiving. looks like showers continue on friday. again we are live at embarcadero center for the annual lighting of the embarcadero center building. we will continue to broadcast at 6:00. hope you join us then because i
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get-- i get to flip the switch. >> stay dry and warm. look, chilly out there. >> it feels very holiday-like. >> if we have a sponsor we couldn't do something about the rain. work on that. see you at 6:00. get what you may have heard. today is actually the busiest travel day ahead of thanksgiving. at san francisco international airport 140,000 people will go through the airport today alone and over the next 10 days, nearly 1.2 million people will catch flights or arrive at sfo making the airport the fourth busiest in the nation. now, if crowds aren't your thing, you have options. len ramirez on the bay area airport that's got plenty of elbow room. reporter: if you don't like big crowds when flying out for the holidays, you might want to try san jose. >> this is not as busy. >> reporter: orbitz the travel website just ranksp rank san
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jose mineta international as the nation's least busy out of the top 50 airports for thanksgiving travel. it's the second year they took the loneliest airport in the country spot. do you think they are taking a dig at san jose? >> in that context that i heard, yes, it seems like it. but it's not lonely. >> reporter: or is it? like any public place, san jose international has an ebb and flow. times when it's busier, and times when it's not so busy. although the airport was never empty, there were times in the middle of the day when things did look a little deserted. by contrast san francisco international, the nation's 8th busiest airport, is almost never slow. >> we're very proud of our airport in silicon valley. >> reporter: san jose officials say their bright newly designed terminals could definitely handle larger crowds. they opened at a time when airlines cut back the number of flights using san jose due to the recession but travelers say that open feeling is a welcome change. >> it's a very easy airport to
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move in and out of. and so for from that standpoint i find it very attractive. >> reporter: it means ticketing is a breeze and you can usually cut right through the security maze. >> it's just easy. i like simplicity. i don't like the mess of of the large he airports. >> we find that passengers love flying here and they are filling the planes. all we need is more planes. >> reporter: but enjoy it while you can. san jose officials say flights are slowly coming back and things won't be lonely for long. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs crashes. some women say it helped them survive breast cancer. why the feds say avastin should no longer be used to treat it and what the drug is still approved for.
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ready-pac-foods is announcing a food recall to tell you tonight. ready park foods announcing possibly e. coli in thousands of bags of romaine lettuce. the bags are sold at stores all over the bay area including
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safeway and trader joe's. the bags have a sell-by date of november 18. so far no illnesses record. today the fda revoked the approval of blockbuster cancer drug as a treatment for breast cancer. some insurers may no longer pay and breast cancer patients are disappointed. dr. kim mulvihill with both sides of the story. >> reporter: avastin is the world's top-selling cancer drug. but it is no longer approved as a treatment for breast cancer. the news disappoints 47-year- old erica. >> as metastatic breast cancer patient there's not a lot of options. there are getting to be more but you want all the options you can. >> reporter: while she says it helped her, studies show the drug does not help breast cancer patients live longer or even control their tumors. in addition, avastin exposes patients to serious risks including gastrointestinal perforations and bleeding. the decision is a huge setback for bay area biotech giant genentech.
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at stake as much as $1 billion in annual sales of the drug. >> you want to spend $1 billion on things that are going to help patients and help women and help everyone. this is not one of those drugs. >> reporter: some republicans have warned an action like is an example of healthcare rationing. but ucsf's dr. rita redberg disagree. >> this is not rationing. rationing is when you have something that works and you can't give it to somebody for other reasons. this is a drug that has not been shown to work after several very well-done scientific trials. that's not rationing. >> reporter: in fact, san francisco-based breast cancer action a group that advocates for breast cancer patients applauds the decision. >> we simply believe that pharmaceutical companies should not be able to sell hopes. they must sell results. >> reporter: a handful of health insurers will no longer cover it for breast cancer. the drug will still remain on the market as an approved treatment for certain other types of cancer including colon, lung and kidney. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5
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healthwatch. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"..." mark standup tease laughing" i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> i'm mark sayre in menlo park where crews are digging a big tunnel underneath the bay to help make our water supply safe from an earthquake. i'll have the details. ha ha ha! >> and there's no other place like it in the world. the hidden compound in the east bay hills. and why those voices you just


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